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​Welcome 2016 Fishermen

Sportsmen have always had their trophy fish mounted for the wall.  A big largemouth bass, a nice small mouth from the creek; that 8 lb. walleye; a child's first fish, even if it's a small bluegill.  But nothing is worse than a poorly mounted or painted fish.  And a fish is there in all it's glory; there is no hair or feathers to cover a taxidermist's mistakes.

Here at North American Taxidermy we are known for our beautiful fish mounts.  All fish are very carefully traced and measured to help us expertly hand carve an exact body out of urethane foam to mount the treated skin back over.  No bulk, heavy fillers packed in a fish (literally stuffed) that make the mounted fish weigh more than the live fish and results in cracking of the fish skin in time.  We also artistically paint your fish, or "tint" the colors back on your fish using the finest translucent lacquer paints.  Nothing looks worse than a bass painted too heavily with three colors, green, black, and white.  

Trust your trophy fish, no matter the size, to the professionals at North American Taxidermy.  You'll be glad you did.

FISH CARE:  Although it is ideal for us to receive your fish fresh or on ice, many times it is just not possible.  So, I will explain the proper way to freeze a fish.  No aluminum foil!  No newspaper!  No meat packing paper!  Make sure your fish is wet, and lay the fish into the bottom of a large plastic trash bag.  Make sure all the air is out of the bag and then roll the fish up into the remaining bag.  Then put this wrapped fish into the bottom of a second plastic trash bag, get the excess air out and roll it up again.  Then use any type of tape to tape around the package so nothing comes open and no air can get in.  Place this in the freezer.  But do not leave your fish in the freezer any longer than you have to.  Colors can fade with time and fins can get broken with getting in and out of the freezer.  With taking care of your fish like this, you're on your way to having a beautiful trophy fish on your wall. 

Welcome 2016 Deer Hunters

Deer hunters wanting to get their deer mounted can bring the entire deer direct to us.  We will weigh your deer, skin your deer for the type of mount you want, wrap the meat in plastic and put back in your vehicle for delivery to the butcher.  This saves you from running back and forth between butcher and taxidermist, usually saves you the $20-$25 extra that a butcher charges to skin the deer for a shoulder mount; and we get your cape fresh, unspoiled, and skinned the way we need it.  We do have a deer processor right here in town, 3 blocks away, that you can take your deer to, or we would be happy to take it for you, at no charge.


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